“The Ego is an exquisite instrument. Enjoy it, use it – just don’t get lost in it.”
~ Ram Dass


Meditation is a broad term that encompasses various practices that focus on training the mind and moving towards higher consciousness, such as deeper self-awareness and enlightenment.

Meditation can be done individually or collectively. However, guidance by an experienced meditation teacher is highly recommended for the beginners.

Depending on the meditative approach, only one’s breath or a word may be used. Or certain objects like mala beads and a candle or a soothing sound may accompany the practice. Meditation can be practiced in complete silence or with mental imagery, prayer, and incantation. You can be sitting, lying down, or walking while engaged in meditative states.

Numerous recent scientific and medical studies have validated the positive benefits of meditation for the mind and body. Greater relaxation and concentration are two common characteristics. As for the healing of the body, consistent meditation practice has been known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and pain.

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