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These hypnosis MP3s are intended for general self-improvement and addressing common unhealthy habits and behavioral issues. Hypnotherapy is considered a “complimentary” mind/body healing modality and is not intended to replace professional health care. Therefore, consult your medical doctor or mental health therapist if you suffer from serious physical conditions or emotional disorders. And although these hypnosis recordings are safe, check with your doctor before you use them to ensure they are appropriate for you.

Never listen to and participate in these recorded sessions while driving, operating machinery, or engaged in any activity that requires your full attention. Listen to them only when you are in a safe and secure environment at appropriate times where you will not be disturbed for the length of the session and, also, until you have returned fully to the everyday awareness.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that accesses your subconscious mind to effect desired changes and goals. Hence, use caution, when sharing any of these hypnosis recordings with other people who do not have the basic understanding of its proper usage.

In providing these beneficial hypnosis products, Healing-Mind.com and its associates, in no way, claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. And be aware that the effects of these recorded sessions will vary from person to person, for some people may be more or less receptive to hypnosis than others. Therefore, the efficacy experienced by each individual may differ by degree and time.  While Healing-Mind.com and its associates sincerely believe we have created high-quality, effective hypnosis MP3s, we do not make any guarantees. By downloading these products, you agree to take responsibility for your experience with them.

By downloading the hypnosis MP3 recording, you are agreeing to the conditions mentioned above and also confirming that Healing-Mind.com and its associates are not responsible or liable for any results from the inappropriate use, misapplication, or misuse of the product and ideas and suggestions contained therein.



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